Am I Wry? Hell no.

Last night I went to Soundburst. The bands, the excitements, the beach, the muds inside my shoes, the fireworks.. it was real fun. I've never felt really good about this place, until Jonas Bjerre came up on stage, wearing his symbolic suit. He got me drowning to a whimsical and theatrical sea of sounds. He sang beautifully. His voice was one of a kind. Gentle, high and.. magical. It went really perfect with eerie 'cling' sounds and creepy artsy videos on the backdrops of the stage. Watching them perform was like being in a gently dreamy foggy good nightmare. For a moment they pulled our minds away in a slow motion.. to a new world of whimsical creatures and poured imagination, it was insanely beautiful. A performance I've expected from a band like Mew.

I promise I will see them again.

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